Las Vegas Convention Video Production

It’s hard to communicate the LIVE Experience of a TRADESHOW through print and email.


Creating an engaging video offers the solution to bringing your show to life to new attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.



You have invested time, money and resources and now your here in Las Vegas. Don’t let this opportunity slip by, capture your exhibit experience.


Let FiveSix Productions capture the entire tradeshow experience in a high quality, custom video. Starring your team, exhibitors, attendees and guest speakers, we will produce a video that highlights your company's objectives and capabilities. With live interviews from the exhibit floor and customer testimonials all taking place at your tradeshow, this video will be one of your best marketing tools throughout the year. 


Creating the Video is one part of the equation; generating marketing value is the other. Share your custom video on your web pages, YouTube,and FaceBook as well as creating content to be displayed in your booth for your next exhibit.


FiveSix Productions will capture the excitement of your tradeshow...

Las Vegas is the convention capital of the country. Conventions have become more technologically oriented using a number of video elements to inform and engage. We can handle any aspect of your convention video requirements from digital signage all the way to multiple crews capturing video to be edited on site to produce immediate videos for consumption on the floor the very same day.


We have differenet packages for all of your convention video needs.

  • ENG Camera Packages
    Experience videographers will film your exhibit booth, products, amazed clients and vendors. Tell us what your goals are and we will deliver a hard drive with all your footage.
  • Fully Produced Marketing Videos
    Let us handle the entire production. Our production team will capture your brand and marketing information so your investment will live beyond your convention.
  • SMTs
    We work around the clock sending your latest product demos to all the news stations around the country.
  • Green Screen Interviews
    Conventions bring business partners, vendors, and customers together. We can setup an interview room and capture everyone while they are together here in Las Vegas.


  • Show Highlights
    It's nice to do nice things for the community. It's even nicer when everyone else knows what nice things you've done.
  • Digital Signage
    Need your latest products playing in your booth? We can produce and film the digital signage pieces so your booth is always current.
  • Client Testimonials
    As your customers try your products let our crews capture their feedback.
  • Product Videos
    Your clients need to know your product or service and what it stands for. FiveSix Productions can make this happen.

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