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With the new advancement of technology, corporations are looking for more ways to communicate within their own organization as well as to the people they do business with. This desire to communicate more effectively and dynamically has led to the rise of video as the medium of choice for this effort. These could include video newsletters, employee updates, sales pieces, presentations to investors or even company conventions and awards. Anything that has to do with relaying a message, corporate video has been shown to engage audiences in a much more dynamic way.

Why you should FiveSix...

FiveSix Productions has been intricate in creating corporate videos for a number of high profile companies as well as smaller local companies. We take the time to listen to what you are looking for and together build a plan to accomplish your goal. We have seen what works and what doesn’t and will give our input to help improve the success of your video. We will deliver what you want; that’s what we do. Along the way, you’ll be involved at every step, taking as much of a hands on or hands off approach as you prefer. Our goal is to make your business better, your communication better and your life easier. Our people have been involved in the creation of corporate videos for many years and are adept at handling any request you may have.

Las Vegas is also the convention capital of the country. Conventions have become more technologically oriented using a number of video elements to inform and engage. We can handle any aspect of your convention from digital signage all the way to multiple crews capturing video to be edited on site to produce immediate videos for consumption on the floor the very same day.

The benefits of video in the corporate world are increasing with each passing year. As businesses and people become more connected through on-line applications, video consumption and sharing becomes a really powerful sales tool and a must have for internal communication. FiveSix Productions can give you the highest quality corporate video at a great value. What your company needs to be more effective is right here and ready to go.


  • Internal Communication
    Employees need to know what's going on in order to be more effective. Don't make them read long articles when it's proven their more apt to engage with video.
  • Convention/Trade Show
    Las Vegas is the convention capital of the US. We're here with everything you need to capture your event.
  • Corporate Policy
    We make sure your policies are communicated so well that they can't be misunderstood. It's our policy to make sure this happens.
  • Training
    Training videos are the best way to ensure that new employees adhere to standards and practices. Visual learning can now happen anywhere through internet portals. It's time to take advantage.
  • Community Service
    It's nice to do nice things for the community. It's even nicer when everyone else knows what nice things you've done.
  • Social Networking
    Drive your business through social networks. It's the newest branch of your business and can be greatly utilized with video assets.
  • Digital Signage
    You have screen space, we make content relevant to your business. Reach your audience effectively.
  • Brand Marketing
    Your clients need to know your product or service and what it stands for. FiveSix Productions can make this happen.

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