Las Vegas Production Crews

Video Production Crews

We have the most sought after HD video crews in Las Vegas.

Our ability to blend seamlessly into your team has our repeat customers booking us over a year in advance. We love what we do and it shows in the quality that we deliver.

Every project we deliver represents our company and we make sure we are represented well. We take just as much pride in filming your CEO as we would in filming your new commercial spots or a community service project.




Video Production Crews

Our In-House Video Production Arsenal

What do you get with the best videographers in Las Vegas? How about the best production gear available. By having these resources in-house we can provide the best production options without the high costs of sub rentals.


  • Red Dragon Cinema Camera

    The C300 is known for its high end production value. Shoot your commercial or show opening and wow your audience.
  • Canon C300 Cinema Camera

    The C300 is known for its high end production value. Shoot your commercial or show opening and wow your audience.
  • Sony PMW-300

    The Sony EX3 was the staple for corporate video for many years. With release of the PMW-300 we now provide that same reliability with a higher quality camera.
  • HPX-500

    The Panasonic HPX-500 is the new generation of camcorder, capturing footage in the P2 format rather than tape. The quality of picture and streamlined post process make this a popular choice for production.
  • Canon 5D

    Our top of the line DSLR camera. The look and quality this camera can produce gives another great high-end option that compliments our standard camcorders.
  • Sony A7s

    The Sony is ultra sensitive in a good way. It's ability to shoot in low light environments is ideal for late night shoots and cocktail parties. It is also a perfect match for our Ronin Stabalizer
  • Steadicam

    Time to take your production to the next level. Our team looks for any excuse to break out the toys and make your project stand out.
  • DJI-Ronin

    This new handheld stabalizer is not only the sexiest piece of gear, it is one of those must haves on set these days.
  • Dana Dolly

    Our much anticipated Dana Dolly Highhat is way outperforming our expectations. It's an easy way to up your production value to the next level.
  • Jib

    Our Kessler 12' Jib with remote head. Adding to your production value has never been easier
  • Cine Slider/Dolly

    Need it smooth and slick? We have all the production tools to deliver whatever look you're after. We have every option in house to accommodate your production.
  • Insert Studio

    Our Insert Studio can accommodate anywhere from a single person interview to a small group. We have a number of backdrops including green screen, white screen, various patterned muslin and black curtain.
  • Portable Green Screens

    We have portable green screens available in various sizes. We can accommodate whatever needs you may have on location.
  • Teleprompters

    For those individuals that can't remember their lines.


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