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Project Management can be a deceptively daunting task. Even on a seemingly small, simple project, it's easy to overlook aspects and elements of production that can have serious ramifications on the end product. We here at FiveSix have decades of collective experience in a vast array of productions, from small to large, simple and complex.

Our team members, partners, and associates have the experience, knowledge, and wisdom to successfully manage any project, and keep the ship on course.

Good leaders and above the line personnel are essential, but managing a project really starts from the bottom. Ensuring the right people are hired who will do their job correctly and efficiently is the key to making sure that micromanaging is never necessary. With every team member doing their part, there's never need for tasks or responsibilities to go undone and be overlooked.

Project management doesn't start and stop with the film roll, it starts when the project is born, and continues through post production and product delivery.

FiveSix provides Project Management services for the following types of projects:

  • title sequences
  • pitch videos
  • demo videos
  • promotional videos





Do you need skilled management for an upcoming project? Let FiveSix Productions lead the way, and deliver the best possible project.


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