Commercial Video Productions

Commercials come in all forms and FiveSix has the experience to work with small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

We have an understanding of what it takes to be successful in local, regional and national markets. We take time to understand brand and culture and then use our knowledge to enhance your vision and message.

We can work with you from the start of the creative process and take you through the editing and mastering of your commercial. Our team is here to make your commercial experience easy and effective.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising has changed in the last few years and video has become increasingly more important. Commercials aren’t created strictly for broadcast television any longer, they are routinely used in internet campaigns and on social media channels. Commercials aren’t created just to appeal to the masses but are aimed at specific groups and as such, contain targeted messages.



We understand this and can help guide and craft your messages to be appealing and effective. At FiveSix Productions, our process starts by understanding your brand and target audience. We do this by asking you. It’s your business and your message and we work with you to craft the best way to visually speak to your audience. Often times, production companies, producers and directors tend to try and think for you and get it wrong. We listen and we get it right.


Marketing videos aren’t one size fits all. They vary on budgets, media outlet, message, location and time frame. Our team has experience working within all constraints and delivering an outstanding product. Wherever the video is displayed, a product created by FiveSix will be matched perfectly for the message and resonate with your audience.


  • Brand Identity
    Clients and Employees alike, they need to know who you are and what you stand for. Let FiveSix help craft your visual identity.
  • Election Campaigns
    Elections are about getting your message out in a quality and thoughtful way. Nothing displays your message more effectively than video, be it on television, on the web or through social media. FiveSix creates high quality political spots for great value.
  • Automotive Spots
    Don’t scream at the screen, nobody likes that anymore. Show your product, deliver your message. How about some aerials? FiveSix has you covered.
  • On-line Marketing
    Nothing drives likes, views and links like a great video. Take advantage of our expertise in driving business to your site.


  • Legal
    If your looking to film in front of a bunch of Law books than keep walking. Attornies with a creative eye get us...
  • Entertainment
    California is the heart of the entertainment industry. Red carpets, club openings, late night parties, we can cover it all.
  • Radio Commercials
    Sometimes your audience isn’t watching. FiveSix can still help you capitalize with top notch radio production.

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