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Production Services


FiveSix offers Concept Development for commercials, corporate videos, and live productions.

Our team has been hand-crafted from all walks of life, from broadcast promotions, documentaries, music videos, viral videos, and social media.

Concept development begins when our team of creatives develop several production options based on your project's objectives. We look at numerous ways to execute the narrative, visual style, graphics, music, and sound design, as well as which production techniques will connect most effectively with our desired audience.

This creative process includes story outlines, visual treatments, scripting, storyboards, animatics, and scratch audio recordings, representing all the key elements and creative choices for the project.

FiveSix provides Concept Development services for the following types of video productions:

  • tv commercials
  • music videos
  • brand videos
  • corporate videos
  • title sequences
  • pitch videos
  • demo videos
  • promotional videos





Do you need an idea for a video? Let FiveSix Productions develop your concept into a creative video production.


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