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Video Production Crews

When Looking for a Production team in Long Beach or Orange County. You won't find any that are more professional and creative than the FiveSix team.

We make production easy. It’s what our customers love about working with us and has them returning year after year. The quality we deliver is always top notch and our flexibility when dealing with last minute changes makes stressful situations dissipate. Every video we are involved with represents us as well as our clients so you can rest assured we will put in every effort to make your videos shine.




Video Production Crews

Our In-House Video Production Arsenal

We don’t mess around with gear. Our camera packages, audio kits, and lighting equipment is all owned and kept in house at FiveSix Productions. Over the years we have acquired so much production equipment that we started our own rental company F11 Rentals. We have a wide variety of packages to choose from and keep adding the newest and most high quality gear available. With all of our gear in-house, we can help keep your costs down while assuring all gear is well maintained.


  • Red Dragon Cinema Camera

    Our RED Dragon is capable of high end 6K production. Take this package for a spin on your commercials, show opening or high end brand videos.
  • Canon C300MKII Cinema Camera

    The Canon C300 Mark II is capable of cinema quality 4K production. This has become the ‘go to’ camera for higher end corporate video shoots. The quality of skin tones is unmatched in the market.
  • Canon C300 Cinema Camera

    The Canon C300 has been the workhorse in the production industry for the past few years. It’s cinema quality feel adds extra production value to any shoot.
  • Sony PMW-300

    With a long lens and great color, the Sony PMW 300 is perfect for capturing presentations from a distance as well as for ENG shoots. Created for run and gun production, it’s easy to manage and can quickly keep up with changing environments.
  • HPX-500

    The Panasonic HPX 500 is a full scale production camera built for stable handheld video shoots. It also is perfect for presentation recording while being paired with a black magic video assist to capture 1080 ProRes files.
  • Canon 5D

    The Canon 5D Mark II changed the game for DSLRs when it first came out, we still have it, if that’s the look you're going for.
  • Sony A7s

    Want to shoot on the beach at night using only moonlight, the A7s is your camera.
  • Steadicam

    The original smooth. There are new contraptions out there but the oldies are still some of the best options.
  • DJI-Ronin

    The new smooth. Stabilizers have worked their way onto many high end production sets. A perfect match with the C300, the DJI Ronin will instantly upgrade your production quality.
  • Dana Dolly

    The Dana Dolly can take any camera and give it that extra something. Add it into your package to push your production to the next level.
  • Jib

    We have both full length professional jibs for high end shoots and quick set up jibs for smaller packages. Choose which is right for your production and reach heights you never have before.
  • Cine Slider/Dolly

    Every situation calls for a different tool. Slider, dolly, we have you covered, we can make any shot come off smooth.
  • Portable Green Screens

    We have green screens that come in all sizes to accommodate any situation. We bring them out and set them up just about anywhere.
  • Teleprompters

    Sometimes what you need to say is longer than what you can remember. For those situations, we can help.


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