HOPE for Prisoners Graduation, September 27, 2012

Las Vegas Metro Deputy Chief Administers Oath
Ex-offenders - Pledge to Be Productive Members of Society

Ex-offenders being released from incarceration have participated in a week-long leadership workshop to assist them in re-entering society. The thirty graduates will take an oath administered by Deputy Chief Kevin McMahill of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Friday, September 28th, at 4 P.M. The ceremony will be held at HOPE for Prisoners, 3430 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 350, Las Vegas NV 89121. Boxing Hall-of-Famer Joe Cortez and representatives from local congressional and senatorial offices will be in attendance.

The graduation ceremony marks the former offenders’ accomplishments and their commitment to enter an eighteen-month mentoring program designed to help gain and sustain employment.
Hope for Prisoners is a re-entry program, helping men, women and young adults exiting various arenas of the judicial system. "Two keys to success of our program are the side by side long-term mentoring of the ex-offenders coupled with partnering with employers in the community to provide jobs," said CEO Jon Ponder. Employers of previous graduates will be in attendance at the ceremony on Friday.
During the past year there have been 400 re-entry referrals processed through HOPE for Prisoners. Two-hundred and ten have participated in an intensive pre-vocational, leadership workshop. Sixty-one percent are full-time employees in our community adding to the economic development effort making these individuals productive members of the Las Vegas community.