Las Vegas Post Production

Your commercial, corporate video, or conference has been filmed, gathered and organized or maybe you have finalized a great idea for the graphics department, either way your project is moving into post production.


FiveSix Productions has everything you need to finish out your project and make it the best it can possibly be. Our Las Vegas post production facility are complete with industry leading capabilities. Our UHD video editing rooms, 2D and 3D graphics stations, color correction, and audio sweetening are all tied together with over 48TB of shared storage.


Post production and video editing require the right tools and we can provide whatever you are looking for. We have 2 Avid Symphony Bays for our finishing rooms. Our off-line bays are equipped with both AVID and Final Cut Pro. We are equipped with After Effects, Photoshop and Cinema 4D in the graphics department. Color Correction is done with our the high end Davinci Resolve system.


These tools are necessary but it’s our people and their ability to listen and understand your needs that makes us different. You won’t come in over and over again with changes because someone isn’t listening. It’s your video, your project and we understand that. Our post-production facility and video editing suites are open 24 hours a day and are available for a quick turn around or last minute tweaks. Our Las Vegas Post Production process will impress you from the very start.


If you want it done right and on-time, then FiveSix Productions is the place to be.


Our Avid bays are built to handle 6K video editing. With all of the top of the line video and audio plugins, our Edit suite is ready to finish your project. All Suites are tied in to our shared storage for maximum efficency.
It's time to step up your game. Once you have a spot color corrected properly you never go back. Our Davinci Resolve makes short work of your project and transitions seamlessly with our Avid bays.

Long the gold standard for motiuon graphics, each of our bays are outfitted with Adobe Creative Cloud. With every plugin you can imiagine installed, there are no problems bringing in a project for us to finish.



Is your video production looking to edit on-site. We can bring our remote systems to your Las Vegas Convention or Production set.



Additional Video Editing Services

At FiveSix Productions we work with clients of every scale. We work locally with small businesses helping to create buzz for their product or service as well as create videos for larger corporations both for external use to expose a message or internally to communicate with their team members. Our Video Production crews always have a presence on the numerous Las Vegas red carpets and are called in to handle larger media tours and press events. Tell us about your production and we’ll get back to you right away.