Some of our friends from back east were here in Vegas shooting with us a week ago, and they introduced us to an awesome new lens filter. Vid-Atlantic is offering a great lens filter that provides JJ Abrams looks, for NYU-film student budgets, well, maybe Edward Burns budgets. The CineMorph & Anamorphic Bokeh filters come in two different sizes, two different filter choices (bokeh only, or bokeh and flare-streak!), and of course, a myriad of colors. The filters all run under one-hundred dollars, and can add a very cool look to your movie, music video, b-roll, or whatever you’re trying to spice up. You can pick up a couple different choices on there website HERE; and make sure you bring them whenever you’re doing video production in Las Vegas, as they work great with all our neon lights!

Written By

James Moore

James Moore is an associate producer at FiveSix Productions in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a B.S. in Film from Full Sail University, and enjoys nature photography and script writing on the side.