One of the absolute, best ways to upgrade and boost your projects’ production value is to have wicked awesome b-roll. When you’re here in Sin City, one of the most sought after b-roll subjects is the exciting, colorful, world famous, Las Vegas Strip. It’s sometimes difficult logistically to get down to the strip to shoot, especially at night, and it’s even more difficult to get time lapses. To remedy this speed bump, we sent a shooter out, and he came back with some awesome stuff. This is available to any client as a great add-on to your next Las Vegas video production.

Here are some samples of some of the footage we have filmed here on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Written By

James Moore

James Moore is an associate producer at FiveSix Productions in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has a B.S. in Film from Full Sail University, and enjoys nature photography and script writing on the side.