A successful brand means loyalty from your customers. But the only way for your brand to outpace the competitors is to keep pushing fresh, dynamic content. Video is an intricate part of this dance and FiveSix has the expertise, tools and creative spirit to take your brand to the next level.

Case Studies

Case studies give you a great chance to create branded content.  A dynamic story wrapped around your product or service has been shown to be engaging and effective in pushing a brand.  FiveSix has great producers on staff with the experience to put together these stories from start to finish.


Testimonials could be considered the heart and soul of branded content.  There's nothing more effective at putting a brand in a positive light than an honest testimonial for your product or service.  At FiveSix, we can head out into the field to capture these for you or set the scene at our studio for a great look.

Product Demos

What better way to show your branded product than a demo of what it can do.  These videos rack up the views on social media and are shared probably more than any other type of video.  A well done demo video will outshine your competition and let your customers know they're dealing with the best in the industry.


Updated content is a necessity for brands to stay ahead of the curve. FiveSix has experience in creating relevant branded video content in all shapes and sizes. The list below contains only a few examples of the types of branded videos that could help your business.

Behind the Scenes

Product Demos

Company Culture




Contest Videos


Success Stories

Case Studies



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