Virtual events have become popular in Southern California and even as we get back to traveling, a new hybrid system, including an in-person show with concurrent virtual stream, will be the norm.  This means you need to be able to deliver on both fronts when it comes to video.  That's something FiveSix can handle and we'd be happy to have a conversation.


What is the most compelling way to have your audience participate in your brand?  Tell them a visual story.  It's that simple.  Let us collaborate with your team to bring your story to the screen.


Our first expansion from our home in Las Vegas took us to Southern California where we landed in Long Beach.  Our office here may not be as lavish as in Las Vegas but we have all the crew and gear we need to create the same dynamic videos in this market.  We've been in this community since 2017 and only look to keep growing in the coming years.


Well, we're near Hollywood so we might as well jump into the fray.  FiveSix is looking for short and feature narrative scripts to possibly produce in the coming year.  Don't be shy, let us know your ideas and we'll see if we might be good fit for your project.


We're not a one trick pony.  FiveSix handles all types of video in a creative manner.  We tackle product, explainer, training, testimonial, commercial, social, brand, animation and graphic videos.  Each one receives the attention it deserves and can be completed right here in Southern California.