Resort properties are large enough entities to have something new happening on-site every day.  All these updates and events can be told through the stories of the people that create them.   At FiveSix, we're experts at telling these stories through video and bringing to life these experiences.  Nothing puts you above the competition better than the perfect hype video.


Opening a new restaurant, just completed a fresh remodel, possibly a new menu or limited time offer, any of these reasons provide the perfect opportunity to have us come in and put together a promotional video.  FiveSix Productions knows this space intimately and can deliver the message you're looking to push out to your clientele.  Restaurants are in a fierce competitive market and we can give you the edge needed to move ahead.


With a production office in Las Vegas, we know our way around world-class resorts.  With so many places looking to grab the attention of tourists there are always a multitude of events happening from new restaurants openings to nightlife parties and special guest appearances.  We've specialized in capturing video of these events and editing together inspirational promotional pieces, informative press releases and producing dynamic B-roll footage for future use.  There's isn't a more qualified team in Vegas to handle any and all video needs for our resort clients.


Have a message to get out to your customers or your team members, look no further.  We're experts in quickly putting together videos for communicating to either your internal team or to your patrons.  A professional look, clean and crisp audio, appropriate B-roll and quick turn around times make us the best choice for any messaging, internal or outward facing.  We work efficiently with C-level executives or can patiently coach any team member to deliver a dynamic message.


Every successful resort provides great nightlife options for their guests.  Many times these venues and events are spectacular and highlight the type of experiences people crave and want to talk about.  But they need to know about them to talk about them and that's where we come in.  We can create incredible animations and promotional videos for exactly these types of events and as a bonus, we'll capture the event itself to show those who missed out why they shouldn't miss out on the next one.