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We have been enjoying our new MYT Works slider.

We work on a large variety of video productions so we've had to outfit ourselves with a number of options when it comes to camera movements. We have sliders from Edelkrone, Cinevate, Kessler and Dana Dolly. While these have been great, our commercial productions have required a slider that can support large builds. Enter the MYT Works slider. The MYT can handle our Alexa Mini commercial setup, built out with cine primes and all the wireless accessories you can imagine. The magnetic dampeners ensure smooth movement from end to end of the slider.

MYT Works Slider

Walker Foam

Boardroom Interview - Harold Walker Part 1

Harold Walker of Walker foam was an important and insightful interview for our film. Everyone in the Surf Industry chose a side. Clark Foam or Walker Foam. It was interesting to hear Harold's take on the past. Harold Walker was a legend in the industry and for a time he was one of two men who's blanks supported the rise of the surf industry.

RIP Harold Walker.

You can see the entire documentary on iTunes or you can get a copy on Amazon or

Surf Photo

BoardRoom Interview - Greg Noll Interview Part 1

Greg Noll is one of the most iconic big wave surfers of all time. He was also one of the pioneering surfboard shapers that our Southern California video production team interviewed for our surf documentary, BoardRoom – Legends of Surfboard Shaping 

Greg Noll started building custom surfboards out of Balsa wood in his parent’s garage in Manhattan Beach California in 1951. Greg is known for his outrageous stories and he didn’t disappoint. Below is part one of our full interview with Greg Noll. You can learn more about Greg at Noll Surfboards.

Mike Hynson & Melinda walk on beach

Boardroom Interview - Mike Hynson Part 3

Mike Hynson is one to tell it like it is. He didn't hold anything back in our interview. Our interviewer, Robert Bell was loving life as story after story was told about the early days. Our production team has put together the final part of Mike's interview for your viewing pleasure here.

Check out the full documentary at


If you enjoyed this interview with Mike. You will want to see this one with Rich Harbour from Harbour Surfboards.

Mike Hynson

BoardRoom Interview - Mike Hynson Part 2

Our production team is happy to share part 2 of our interview with Mike Hynson. For those who love the stories, you can get your copy of Boardroom here:

set 3

Golden Knights' Engelland on Vegas Tragedy

FiveSix Productions got the opportunity to work with the Vegas Golden Knights.

This time, reflecting on the recent tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Vegas Golden Knights' veteran defender Deryk Engelland sat down to talk about the fateful night, and how he and his teammates rallied to give back to their home. FiveSix provided gear and crew, and felt honored to be a part of spreading the message of support that our new hockey team is providing our city. While we are heartbroken over the events of October 1st, and offer our support and condolences to all those affected, we are glad that we can help shed light on the incredible people and organizations in Las Vegas that are working to rebuild and make us a stronger, closer community. If you're looking for the best Las Vegas video production company, look no further than FiveSix Productions.

BoardRoom Interview - Mike Hynson Part 1

Our interview with Mike Hynson is the latest release of our full interviews for Boardroom.

Matt Warshaw from recently wrote "Mike Hynson was the second-most polarizing 1960s surfer, behind Mickey Dora. Those who would kneel before Hynson and kiss the ring on his well-manicured hand were roughly equal in number to those who would've liked to see his privileged little ass get kicked from Windansea to Big Rock and back."

We kind of got that sense when our Orange County video production team showed up to interview Hynson, he was not one to mince words.

You can get your copy of Boardroom here and learn what these legends had to say:


BoardRoom Interview - Mickey Munoz Part 1

This was a great interview for us.

Mickey Munoz is a Legend and we were fortunate to interview him for our film. Munoz, a historical figure in the surfing world, has been featured in many popular surfing documentaries such as the 2004 film Riding Giants. He currently resides in Capistrano Beach, California and designs boards for Surftech, a manufacturer of epoxy boards.

Get your copy of Boardroom - Legends of surfboard shaping here.

Golden Men!

On this day in 1929, the first ever Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was concocted by then head of MGM studios, Louis B. Mayer, as an NPO for the advancement and improvement of the film industry. Well, leave it to Hollywood to be fancy, and, within two years, they were giving out golden statues. In the beginning, things were a lot different; the winners were announced before the dinner/ceremony, which was only attended by about 250 folks, and the 15 statues were handed out in a quick, five minute ceremony after dinner. Actor and Academy president Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., presided over the ceremony, and presented awards such as best picture to the $2M blockbuster WWI picture Wings, and best actor/actress awards to Emil Jannings and Janet Gaynor.

F11 Rentals would like to point out that the revolutionary and ground-breaking film The Jazz Singer, the first ever "talkie", was not awarded best picture, as it was seen as an unfair advantage since it had sound. F11 Rentals completely agrees with wardrobe and craft services, that sound on film is an unnecessary nuisance, and they got just what they deserved. (FiveSix Productions doesn't agree with those sentiments.)

In 1942 secret ballots entered the picture, making the ceremony much more exciting. Mix secret ballots, fancy dresses and tuxedos on a Red Carpet, and all the glitz, glamor, and lights of Hollywood, and... announcing the wrong film as "best picture", and we've got quite an exciting event on our hands each February.

Check out History Channel for more on this and other old subjects. And make sure to tell all your friends about FiveSix Productions, the best Las Vegas video production company!

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