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Terry Martin - Legendary Surfboard Shaper Passes on.

We were fortunate to  interview Terry Martin for our film BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping. Terry shaped for Hobie Surfboards for over 40 years and was one of the most respected shapers ever. We interviewed over 40 of the top shapers in the industry and each of them talked about Terri with pure admiration.

When I first met Terry I wasn't sure what to expect. Who was this board building machine? It didn't take long for me to realize what everybody saw in Terry Martin. He was a man with passion for his craft, a true rarity in today's world.

We spent all morning going through the Hobie shop with Terry as he showed us his tools and his approach to board building. He would grab some handmade tool off of his shelf and tell the story of why he created it and how it was used. His eyes would light up as he relayed the tale. After our interview he took us back to his home. He introduced us to his wife as we looked at his old photo albums. We talked story in his garage and snacked on fruits from his trees in the yard. Terry was a joy to be around but it was over the next two years that I really got to know him.

While editing Boardroom, I had to go over his interview with a fine tooth comb. Terry was our principle for telling Hobie's story. I spent days if not weeks replaying and listening to Terry tell his story. His passion and dedication to his craft should be an inspiration to us all. I was fortunate to have met Terry for the day but I was even more fortunate to have him in front of me for the past few years while editing this film.

 Terry Martin


- Rob Jax

Executive Producer / Cinematographer / Editor, BoardRoom - Legends of Surfboard Shaping

A WINning Experience - Win Court

We are fortunate to be able to work on a wide variety of projects, here at FiveSix Productions.  From reality shows and convention work to promos and commercials, our creative plates are always full.  Every once in a while, though, a project comes along that makes us realize how fortunate we are to be able to tell stories.

We recently worked with Chief Judge Cynthia Leung of the Las Vegas Municipal Court to document a unique graduation ceremony.  This ceremony was for two young women that completed the Women In Need (WIN) program.  WIN offers troubled young women, who have been repeatedly incarcerated for drugs, prostitution and gang activity, a second chance at rehabilitating their lives by providing them with personal and professional growth opportunities, substance abuse counseling and shelter from the streets.

This was a truly enlightening experience.  Please click on the link below to view some of the footage that we captured.


X-Dance in Salt Lake City

We just arrived to the X-Dance film festival for our screening of BoardRoom. Wish us luck!

Las Vegas Video Production

Rob Jax wins Emerging Filmmaker at X-Dance

Producer, Rob Jax won the Emerging Filmmaker award at the 2012 X-Dance film festival.  His film BoardRoom Legends was nominated for best documentary as well.

Las Vegas Video Production

Boardroom hits the big screen

Boardroom hit the screen yesterday at 1pm at the X-Dance film festival. We were extremely excited about seeing it on the big screen for the first time. The reaction to the film was more than we could have hoped for. Filmmaker, Jack McCoy was in the audience and had very kind word of our BoardRoom Legends. What a great experience.

Las Vegas Video Production

Steve Aoki interviewed in Vegas

It was 90 minutes from the time we recieved the first call to the time we had 2 cameras setup to interview DJ Steve Aoki. Our client was blown away by our fast response and professional crews. We pulled out all the stops to make sure their shoot went off without a hitch. We transformed a Suite at Encore Las Vegas into an interview setting. Our Directors of Photography really outdid themselves on this one.

Headed to X-Dance

We leave tomorrow to head to the Premiere of BoardRoom Legends at the X-Dance film festival in Salt Lake City UTAH. Wish us luck.

Las Vegas Video Production

BOARDROOM Nominated for Best Documentary

Our film BoardRoom was nominated for BoardRoom Legends in the X-dance film festival. Below are the nominees.

1. BoardRoom
2. Lost and Found
3. A Deeper shade of blue
4. 3 minute gaps