FiveSix Productions Uses Protection

Don't be a fool, wrap your tools: great advice that we here at FiveSix Productions take seriously. We utilize a number of great products to store and transport our various tools and pieces of gear; from Cinebags for our cameras, to Pelican and SKB for our tripods, Dana Dolly, and DJI products. One of our favorites for custom designed cases is Jason Cases in Durham, North Carolina. Jason Cases utilizes only the best products, and while they have predesigned cases, they are the best at customizing any case to fit your exact needs. We are huge fans of this for our kits that have a lot of separate pieces that can get lost, or pieces that are fragile. Their quick turnaround time ensures even if you're a Las Vegas video production company like us, you'll have your order very quickly. So, next time you need a durable, custom case, reach out to Jason Cases, and they'll get you set up.

Nailed It!

Well, well. Look what we have here... As none of you will remember, a while back, I made a point that DJI should develop a dedicated device- a universal controller if you will, to take the place of your phone or iPad when using the Osmo and drone. Yet! Some people thought that was crazy talk. Some folks said that I needed to talk to ol' Siggy Freud about my "wild ideas". I simply asked "How are we going to holla' at all the shorties, when our phone is making smooth Hollywood moves with a gimbal device!?" Mocked, I was! Basically ran out of town on a rail.... Until now.

I give you: CRYSTAL SKY!!! The ultra fast, ultra bright, completely Inspire-dedicated, 4G LTE device is lightweight, sleek, and made just for the DJI Inspire 2. The CrystalSky, and I quote: "removes unnecessary Android apps and services and is resistant to viruses and junk software"- you don't want emails and texts from your hommies coming in, disrupting your dope pans and tilts. Further more: "Its embedded DJI GO app provides full access to all DJI GO features including aircraft parameter adjustment, camera control, footage management, and playback. Using offline maps, maps can be kept available even if going out of Wi-Fi reach." You need all the monthly data you can get, for left and right swiping.

All you drone videographers go check out the amazing CrystalSky and 58mph flying DJI Inspire 2! Once this takes off, I'm sure a cool device will come out for the Osmo. Good day to you all.

Best Shoot Ever!

We had one of the best shoots ever a few days ago! It's hard to tell which shoot is our favorite or the best, but this one really holds weight! We got to spend the day with round after round of amazing dogs! We were shooting the last day of a week-long convention over at the Venetian, and for no other reason than dogs are amazing, the hosts of the show brought in wave after wave of therapy dogs for the tired convention goers. These dogs certainly served their purpose, as the attendees, clearly exhausted from a week of hard work, perked right up with big smiles and renewed energy. Now, I'm not going to lie, I myself took a moment or five to stop by and get some shots of the pups, and I may have gave a head scratch or two. Again, it's so hard to pick our favorite shoot, but if you bring furry friends, it certainly moves you ahead in line.

FiveSix Productions Gets Smart

FiveSix Productions dusted off our books and protractors and hit the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas! Along with our beloved Cineo HS2 remote phosphor lights, we set up a beautiful scene near the student union, overlooking the quad. We always love shooting in 4K, and we were able to do just that! The President of the school looked great, sounded great, and we were out of there in no time at all. A big thanks to our crew, who did a stellar job. We can't wait for our next Las Vegas video production gig.

FiveSix Productions at the Lucky Dragon

FiveSix Productions had the pleasure of seeing the shiny, new Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas last week, the day before it opened to the public. Along with our pals over at Jib Tek, we were able to highlight some of the new toys that patrons will be able to enjoy. We had a great time utilizing our DJI Ronin and the fan favorite Dana Dolly, coupled with our Sony a7S and Canon C300 Mark II (respectively). Make sure to swing by this new joint, which features many authentic Chinese table games and restaurants, and certainly didn't disappoint our crew. Whatever your Las Vegas video production needs, make sure to give us a shout, and we'll be happy to help.




It's Happening Again!

Oh gosh, it's happening again! The fellas at FiveSix Productions are about to get all crazy, level-7 confidential, CIA/KGB, can't talk about it or... you know... again. They're headed out to somewhere we can't talk about, doing something you don't want to know about, with some people regular folks have never heard of. All I can tell you is nothing, and all I can show you is this photo that could be any random Tuesday morning. Look... we hope they make it back alive, but... let's just say, it's been real.

FiveSix Productions Rocks out at Vinyl!

FiveSix Productions, part of the Las Vegas Production Group, got the chance to rock out at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino with one of Rolling Stone's top 100 drummers of all time (go to #66)! That's right, Mr. Kenny Aronoff, banged the drums and shared his knowledge and wisdom with a select group of eager convention goers. Aronoff found stardom as the drummer for John Cougar Mellencamp during their heyday in the eighties and nineties, and has sense become one of the best and most successful session drummers in the world. FiveSix was honored to film this special, two hour engagement that included cool stories, inspirational tips, and awesome drum solos to some of his most famous songs. Two Canon C300 Mark I's and the amazing SoundDevices 664 did their things, and we got awesome footage! Since it's the busy season, it's time to wrap this up and prepare for our next Las Vegas video production shoot. Keep on rocking, friends.

FiveSix Productions Celebrates Success

If you may recall, a couple stalwart members of FiveSix Productions got all fired up and entered a video contest. Well, lo and behold, we won! That's right! John (senior editor) and I (base of the pole), won the first ever Nevada Film Office's annual Film Contest. We are very honored and humbled to have been selected as winners, and we sure were impressed with the other entries (there are some great film makers here in Nevada). We want to thank everyone who voted day after day in the first round to get us to the judges, and we appreciate the support and encouragement during the stressful month waiting for the results.

We want to send one of our biggest 'thank yous!' to our friends and pay-check producers, FiveSix Productions. Rob and Dave were very excited and encouraging of our entering the contest, and graciously offered any gear we needed, and allowed us to use some beautiful timelapse footage of Las Vegas Boulevard.

So, again, thank you all! And thank you FiveSix Productions for continuing to support their employees, friends, and independent film makers who chase their/our dreams. Unbiased: if you want to work with the best video production company in Las Vegas, look no further than FiveSix Productions.

Pool Party!!!

What better way to celebrate on Labor Day weekend than by going to a pool party!? FiveSix Productions gathered some Canon C300s and our favorite SoundDevices 633 audio mixer, and headed over to the Foxtail Pool at the SLS Las Vegas. It was definitely a ruckus time as we soaked up the rays, and got down to the sounds of DJ Ikon, Tinashe, and our old pal, Charli XCX. Red Carpets, popped bottles, celebrities, and a lot of chlorine were all the rage this weekend, and gosh-darn-it, we were sad to leave it all behind; that's how life goes for us common-folk though. Well, we've got a full slate this week, so it's time to get back to it. Peace out, party people.


Well, that was quicker than I expected.

Well, I feel pretty sheepish, I was trying to update my MySpace music list from my rotary phone, when I realized I hadn't paid my Pacific Bell phone bill for the month. I guess that's what I get for prioritizing my student loans from Full Sail (smart) before my phone, studio apartment, and ramen noodle funds. Well, no worries, I can do all my internet-ing from my place of employment (I'm sure temporary, the more blogs I write). Turns out, ol' Mike Bay of Transformers and the short: "Vanilla Ice: I Love You" has had a special, RED Epic with an 8K Super 35mm sensor built just for him. Yeah, impressive. It even has a fancy, neon green housing! Well, long story made short: this is just the beginning. The folks at RED have already sold a handful of RED 8K Helium Weapons, and there will be more where that came from in October.

Now, I can't begin to tell you how I know absolutely nothing about any of the specs, partly because they're not posted, and partly because I have no idea what I'm talking about outside of using a disposable camera; but, I'm sure you can figure something out using Google. If you want a little bit of a head start, go here, or here. Either way, I'm pumped, and the wonderful folks over at F11 Rentals have a RED Epic Dragon for rent that's pretty righteous if you want to get your hands on a piece of the action.

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