Really Long Lenses!

FiveSix Productions (the Las Vegas video production company of choice) has a nice set of lenses, but occasionally we have need for lenses that don't fit into our normal repertoire, enter a 200-400mm L-Series with a 1.4X zoom. This puppy has been just what the doctor ordered. We got to take it out on a rare-short film we're shooting right now (refreshing change of pace), and the fellas are taking it out, deep into the Nevada desert to shoot something so exciting, my trembling fingers can't complete the words.... So, while we pride ourselves on owning the best of the best, we certainly know when and where to get supplementary gear to make sure we deliver on time, in budget, and beyond what's expected!

FiveSix Productions on: Smashing Trucks

So, here's the thing, most of the time, those little signs on the bottom of overpasses, tunnels, bridges, parking garage entrances, etc. can be ignored... but sometimes they shouldn't be. For instance, if you're in a tall truck, if you play in the NBA, or maybe you're on a pogo stick, you'd probably want to proceed with caution. When you're in a vehicle that's tall, make sure to know just how tall it is, so that you know if it's safe to proceed past low hanging obstacles and barriers. We saw this truck recently that did not check all the stats before proceeding...


For your convenience, here is our most up-to-date list of clearance levels for some of the properties on Vegas Blvd.
Wynn: 8'2"
Caesars: 6'8"
Mandalay Bay: 7'2"
Rio: 7'6"
Cosmopolitan: 8'2"
MGM Conference Center: 8'8"
Aria: 7'6"
Bellagio 7'6"
Venetian: 6'8" (Easy access oversized lot adjacent)
Palazzo: 7"
Mirage: 6'10"

Best of luck.

FiveSix Productions Hits the Hardwood

It's that time of year again, when the NBA (that baseball player, Michael Jordan, played with this group for a while) gets together in Las Vegas to have their summer league. Yes, all the youngsters, fresh out of college or foreign countries, converge upon Sin City to try to throw a ball through a netted hoop. It's during this event that some of them will earn invitations to 'the cool kids' table', and they get to repeat this activity for months on end throughout the winter and spring. Anyhoo, we took to the festivities and charades, and sent a small tribe of camera and audio folks to the Mandarin Oriental to do some television makin'. Seven cameras, a dana dolly, a slew of microphones, and many a soft, diffused light made for grand times as we captured two, yes, two hour-long episodes of basketball television bliss. It was a long day, but that's just what we love; half-days are half a day to short in our opinion. Until next time, may your dunks break backboards, and may your dribbles never be double.


LV Production

Do Vegas Like a Canadian

We've grown mighty close to our Canadian neighbors, eh!? Our buddies have been keeping us busy with many famous movie stars in iconic Vegas locales. We just love mixing and mingling with our North American fwiends, okay guy? We're going to go get some Molsons, or maybe some Labatts and have some poutine, and get ready for another fun day with those Moose riding hosers we love so much!


RED Epic Dragon: Epic Camera

The RED Epic Dragon is FiveSix Productions' most powerful and capable camera offering. With the update of the sensor, this camera really delivers on an incredible level. One of the most notable features of the new sensor is its ability to provide amazing detail and incredible native exposure that eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. The almost unthinkable 16.5+ stops of dynamic range allows your DP to really spread their wings and create visually stunning scenes; even at ISO 2000, the image is clean enough for cinematic or publication presentation. The Epic Dragon is fast! The new sensor enables Full Frame 6K at 75fps, 6K 2:4:1 at 100fps, and below 6K, all the way up to 300fps (300fps is at 2K). This camera isn't just for motion pictures; at 6K Full Frame, you're getting a 19.4 Megapixel image- so, you can take your individual frames, and make amazing stills, or shoot specifically for the single, still image. Beyond these facts and figures, there is a plethora of other upgraded aspects such as improved color, capability of 3D (with appropriate hardware), and more. So, all that said, if you want the best of the best, shoot with us and our RED Epic Dragon.

DJI Universal Controller

FiveSix Productions employs the use of a variety of DJI tools, including the Ronin, the Inspire 1, and the Osmo. While we love them all, and appreciate all that they do to add to our production, we do have a suggestion for the wonderful folks at DJI:

To use the Osmo and the Inspire 1 areal drone, simply download and utilize the DJI app on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, easy enough; this is great for ease of use and access, but is a killer of phone batteries. How are we supposed to holler at all the sweet honeys while flying drones over the Delaware river, if our phone is quickly dying on the Inspire remote? (Real example.) We have what we believe is a great suggestion for a wonderful solution. DJI should develop and sell a phone sized device that exclusively works with DJI tools. The device would be about the size of an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7, so the screen is nice and big, but not so large it can't fit in the provided holster. The device would be Bluetooth compatible, of course connect to the internet so as to download the latest updates, and would come factory ready to all the applications and software needed to run the parade of dope DJI products. Best of all, with only the task of running your DJI items, there can be plenty of space for a big, long-lasting battery, and it would run super fast because it has just one purpose in life. We can only speculate that if this device cost just a couple hundred bucks, they would sell like hotcakes!
We're not software or hardware manufacturers, and simply are thinking out loud, but hey, dreaming is what dreamers to best. So, DJI folks, there's just one of our many dreams that we wanted to share with you as if we were sitting on your therapy couch. Thanks, friends.

FiveSix Chills with the Canadian Michael Jordan

Last week, FiveSix Productions did a little audio mixing and provided some grip gear to a friendly (of course) group of Canadians on a shoot with the one, the only, Wayne Gretzky. If you don't know who the Gretz is, that's okay guy, weird, but okay. Wayne Gretzky is one of the greatest hockey players in history, and along with Maple Syrup, Ryan Reynolds, and their border with us, is a national treasure. The voice of the biscuit master and purported Moose Whisperer was strong and pure, and our grip gear kept the lights and green screen in place, buddy. All in all, life was good, and we made a whole bunch of new fwiends, okay guy. So soorry, time to get back on set, L.A. waits for no one. Until next time, keep your edges sharp, eh? God save the Queen.

FiveSix Goes Golfing

We all know the harmful effects of too much sun and pollution, but we aren't much for heading professional medical advice, and we certainly know how to live dangerously. One of our favorite early spring clients came through, and we were back on the golf links, soaking up the rays, breathing deep, the sweet, city air, and driving our golf cart like we stole it. The day took us from fairways, greens, and tee boxes, to the clubhouse, and eventually, back to the Encore Resort where a ceremony was held to cap off the day. We tackled the day with our reliable Canon C300 Mark I and a Sound Devices 633 audio mixer with our best microphone and boom (complete with all the wind-diffusion we could find). All in all, it was a great day, and as soon as our sunburns heal and our lungs clear up, we'll be ready for another round of Las Vegas video production.


FiveSix Goes To A Concert

Five Six Productions capped off it's weekend excursion with rocker Carlos Santana and his band at a very special concert at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort here in Vegas. We provided our teleprompting services for this portion of the weekend, aiding the artists in their performance of their new album Santana IV, and of course, a couple classic songs. Music legend Ronald Isley stopped by and aided the band on two new songs, and FiveSix Productions was happy to lend our services there, too. All in all, we had a great weekend working with Santana and his band, and sure appreciate all the help from our great freelancers. So, until the next one, keep rocking, friends.



New CineBags

Every time FiveSix Productions heads out to L.A., we like to get in touch with our good friends at CineBags. Recently, we acquired a few new light panels that are just awesome, so, CineBags founder and owner Markus Davids hooked us up with some prototype bags that are a perfect fit for our 1x1 light panels. These bags are made with the same quality and functional design that we have grown to love and expect from CineBags. In fact, CineBags is the only bag that FiveSix Productions uses for our cameras, computers, external monitors, recorders, and now, light panels. We are honored that Markus has let us give these rare bags a go, and we're sure we'll love them, and they'll go into regular work, shoot after shoot. (Oh, and, happy St. Paddy's Day!)

Here's a fun CineBags video from our hermanos over at F11 Rentals: