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You know what's almost as cool as making a fun, edgy, stylized video....making a fun, edgy, stylized behind the scenes video of a fun, edgy and stylized video.  The behind the scenes video is nothing new, it's a tool that has been around for a long time and a way to add value to a production.  The behind the scenes shoot incorporates interviews of key people that would otherwise never be seen of heard from, it includes the crew, the gear used and what happens on the set, which in many cases is just as interesting as the finished product.  A well done behind the scenes video not only enhances the product but it shows the people involved and people, we all know, are the ones that make the real stories.

Now, why am I rehashing the behind the scenes video.  It's because I have noticed a influx of such productions.  In many cases, when there is even a mediocre sized budget for production, we've been asked to provide a crew to capture behind the scenes.  As I said above, these videos show the people of a company, they show them having fun, doing great work, and being real.  If there was ever an opportunity to market yourself via social media, this is it.  Customers not only buy your brand, they buy your people.  If they can identify with even one of them or think it would be fun to hang out with one of them, you've scored a point.  You've made a customer not through the finished video but something more candid and real.   I'm not saying every production should have a behind the scenes, but anything that has a decent sized budget can add one crew to just be there and, (if things go well), that footage can be used to market just as effectively as what you  set out to create.

So, if for some strange reason you don't pick us to shoot your video, we're still here to help out with the behind the scenes and we'll have a great time doing it.  .


Local Car Commercials - Time to Change it Up #changethegame #creative

Is there a shadow agency on-line somewhere that has a monopoly on the creative for local car dealership TV commercials?  Ever since I have been viewing television, there has been little deviation from certain themes.

The owner must be on screen at some point if not the whole time.  Whomever is talking must speak louder than the surrounding commercials.  The word 'big' is either said multiple times in a row or is flashed as a title at least once.  They must be shot with Beta SP or an HVX 200.  They must have a deal going at the time (I guess they can't believe you would come in for any other reason).  They have no individuality that separates them from their competitors other than a name at the end.

If anyone has seen a truly unique, dare I say fun or cool, local car commercial anywhere in the country, I'd love to see it.  I'd also like to see these business owners put a little more effort into their TV commercials than the regular circus act.  I think they would be surprised if they moved away from what worked in 1987.

We've got some ideas over here....