Something Mysterious

There have been recent... bizarre sightings in Las Vegas lately- and no, I'm not talking about the GOP or DNC's Presidential hopefuls (though, they are a couple bizarre characters). 84.9% of land in Nevada is owned by the federal government, and Lord knows what they do with it; but just as in Arizona and New Mexico, rumors of flying saucers, aliens, military tests, etc., constantly abound. Add to all of this, the craziness of the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" m.o. that we have going here, and you can imagine all the interesting and intriguing things that pop up from time to time. One such photo hit my desk over the weekend.


Of course, my first reaction was- Metro must be grilling some punk from EDC. Then I thought, no... no that's not it, he's wearing a suit. So, then I thought, the FBI is interrogating some international motorcycle gang leader who is trying to establish roots here in the casinos or entertainment industry. But that doesn't make sense, there's no bike in the photo. So, then I went where I should have from the beginning, it's an alien. That made the most sense when I got the second photo, which clearly shows a statue of what must be his idol, Boba Fett, just over his shoulder.


Time will tell if we're about to be invaded and most likely enslaved- seems like Will Smith should have come back for the sequel. Well, I'm going to go pack a suitcase and get ready to escape to the hills. Godspeed to all my Las Vegas video production friends... even the Canadians, I guess.

Oh, if you have further questions, maybe this man can help:
Clayton Moore

On This Day In History

On this day in 1913, acclaimed director and producer Stanley Kramer is born in New York City. Kramer produced and directed numerous "message" films that tackled issues ranging from politics to race to social equity, and more. Kramer worked with such film stars as Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Vivien Leigh, Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, and Katharine Hepburn. His plethora of films includes The Defiant Ones, Judgment at Nuremberg, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Home of the Brave (1949) High Noon (1952), and the 1963 comedy It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Stanley was nominated for six producing Oscars, and three directing Oscars, but sadly was never chosen as the winner. Stanley Kramer was a passionate and fearless filmmaker who certainly left an indelible mark on the industry and society. He passed away at the age of 87 in Woodland Hills, California, on February 19, 2001. Make sure to check out IMDB page so you can start enjoying his collection of excellent films.

FiveSix Productions On the Construction Site

Last week, FiveSix Productions had the opportunity to record at the Riviera Hotel right here in Las Vegas. As you may or may not know, the Riviera is one of the most famous and historic properties left on The Strip, but not for long. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority purchased the declining property not long ago to expand the already gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center in an attempt to stay at the forefront of the American Convention scene. The LVCVA set in motion the deconstruction of the hotel earlier this year, and we got to get right in the thick of it. Most of the raw materials such as the steel, iron, and other metals that are included in wiring and the like, can be recycled and used again, so a small army of men and machines are busy getting that task completed. By this time a couple years from now, the north end of the iconic Las Vegas Strip will look a whole lot different with Resorts World, Alon, and of course, the expanded Convention Center joining the Wynn complex, Trump, and SLS (oh, and Circus Circus, if it can survive). We love getting the opportunity to explore new subjects and locations, and this exciting Las Vegas video production experience has us stoked to get out on our next project.


Mathematics Infiltrate Our World

Mathematics are terrifying, there's all those numbers and letters and symbols... It gives me the night sweats just thinking about it. Photographers and cinematographers are artists, and last time I checked, there isn't a lot of long division involved in finger painting; however, despite being artists, we should understand the science and mathematics behind what we do so we don't look like a bunch of phony-bologna, amateurs. Our good friend, and rock star DP, Clayton Moore (CMDP), talks a whole lot of crazy about footcandles, lux, lumen, watts, etc., and normally it's a "smile and nod" situation, but perhaps he's on to something. I was on the youtube getting my morning fill of puppies and otters when I came across a video about the Inverse Square Law; now, don't get me started on how dull, and horrible that sounded, but I accidentally clicked the link, so I was in for the long haul. For those of you who don't know, you're lucky, it's horrible, useless knowledge that is in no way practical or worth 15 seconds of your time. If you however, enjoy punishment, you can watch this video and learn all about how lighting works over distance. Believe me though, I guarantee no one in Hollywood or New York gives it a second thought.

San Diego: Staying Classy

So, apparently, it's good to be in San Diego these days. Not only did they get to host the MLB All-Star festivities, they are currently the epicenter of all things comic books, movies, television, etc. as the annual Comic-Con is in full gear. The four-day convention kicks off tomorrow, and runs through Sunday evening with a grand bouquet of events, activities, speakers, awards, and so, so much more. The San Diego Comic-Con is the largest such event of it's kind, and it attracts tens of thousands of attendees and artist types from around the world. I've never been, but it looks like a blast. Check out their website for all the nerd-tastic details!

On This Day in History

On this day, way back in the year 1984, worried moms everywhere got just a little more uptight... Back when hippies roamed free, ('68), the MPAA was catching a lot of flack from angry moms, and decided that enough was enough. Moms everywhere were up in arms, and weren't wanting their kids to have any cinematic fun, God forbid Timmy and Sally see some blood or a little skin, so the MPAA stepped in. Using their authoritarian power and scare tactics, they created the early forms of the movie rating system we know today. There was 'G' for general audiences, 'M' for mature (turned into PG), 'R' which is the same as it is today, except you could be 16 (I guess back then, they figured if you could run someone over with your car, you can handle watching someone famous do it for pretend on Mulholland Drive), and then 'X' which equated to NC-17. Well, fast forward almost 20 years, and, as is the fashion of our culture, we made it even more complicated. On July 1st, 1984, the MPAA created 'PG-13', which stopped zero 12 year olds from seeing such classics as "Red Dawn" starring the incomparable Patrick Swayze and our favorite tiger-blooded man, Charlie Sheen, but gave mothers something to be upset about. (Note: "Red Dawn" was released in 1983- save the comments.) So, there you have it- more useless knowledge you can ball up, put in your pocket, and forget about until you pull your pants out of the washer and realize, 'oh, man, forgot that was in there...'.

2016 Las Vegas Film Festival

It's that time of year again! It's time for the annual Las Vegas Film Festival held in historic downtown Las Vegas. The festival kicked off yesterday (Wednesday the 7th), and will run through Sunday the 12th. There are over 90 short and feature length films being shown, along with music video labs, mixers, brunches, and of course, parties. Tickets are still available, but they're going fast! There are individual screening tickets for $12- that get you in and to an available screening, $60 gets you to as many as you have time for and there's space for, $120 gets you VIP, and $250 makes you a bit of a festival deity.

All in all, it sounds like an absolute blast of a time! We here at FiveSix are in the bittersweet position of having way too many shoots and editing scheduled this week to attend- which seems to be a trend.... Enjoy, all you who are attending, and best of luck to anyone who has a project in the mix! Here are some links to get you where you need to be:

LVFF 2016 Tickets

LVFF 2016 Schedule

LVFF 2016 Film Guide

Story Time

Oh, hello, I didn't see you sitting there. I was just watching an interesting video about story telling, and how Pixar does it so well. Please, take a few moments to enjoy it, and then do as I'm about to do, and start from scratch on all your screenplays. (Oh, thank you to the nice folks over at, for their story about this video.)

War Time!

On this day in 1977, Star Wars (the absolute original, Episode IV: A New Hope), opened courtesy of 20th Century Fox, and Mr. George Lucas. 20th Century gave $9.5 million to this project because of the success of Lucas' previous film "American Graffiti", in '73. From Tunisia to Death Valley, and Alderaan and the Death Star, a cast of unknown players made a sci-fi epic, epic and legendary.
Released in only 42 theaters originally, Star Wars soon spread across the nation, and globe, profiting $100million by summers' end (2nd only to "Gone With the Wind", if inflation is considered).
From ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), Lucas Ranch, the revival of the sci-fi genre, the mega-inflation of marketing and merchandising, spin-offs, competing films and television shows, and six of ten oscars on Episode IV- there is no doubt about the influence of this film.
So, that's what happened today- thirty-nine years ago- but forever in our minds, imagination, and hearts.


FiveSix Makes It Through Mondays

We here at FiveSix know that everyone occasionally contracts a case of the Mondays. So, in order to combat such things, we like to look at the brighter, more beautiful side of these twenty-four hours. Here we have a wonderful video by some very talented fellas, Keith Kiska and Kyle Rhoderick, who spent four years creating this visual feast. So, tell the boss we said it's okay, and let your spirit come back to life over the next few minutes. If you're really needing a break, grab a coffee and read this interesting article about the process of making the video. Enjoy.