Like Looking Into the Heavens

Recently, we got to be a part of a very fun shoot here in Las Vegas. Why so fun? It's because we got to break out our awesome RED Epic Dragon and Schneider Cine-Primes and have them all making silky smooth moves on our Dana Dolly- we even invited our Sound Devices 633 to join in on the fun. Now, I can't even begin to tell you how sweet that 6K looked through those lenses, the bokeh was superb, the shot was crips and focused, and I could have sworn we were on silk, because the movement on the Dana Dolly was smoooooth! It helped having the one and only CMDP manning the lens, but, with a lineup like the one we had- even I could have made a little bit of magic. So, for your next Las Vegas video production, I would highly recommend adding the RED and the Schneiders to your order, you can always knock that 6K down to SD in post. Oh... the 633 was fine for audio, or whatever.

FiveSix Productions Needs A Doctor!

Call the cardiologist, our collective hearts just skipped a beat! Well, I can't speak for the others, but I know I'm getting that special feeling deep down in my chest. It may be indigestion from the Chipotle last night, but I really think it's these six amazing Schneider-KREUZNACH Cine-Xenar III lenses! I'm talking 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm *catching breath*, 75mm, and 95mm. And there's more: they're all the same size, no need to readjust that follow focus or those rails with these puppies. Further more, there must have been a hurricane this morning, because I was blown away when I heard about the "Iris with up to 18 blades for an exceptional bokeh effect"- and believe you, me, I took these beauties for a test drive, and... that's some mighty fine bokeh, buddy. These lenses, coupled with our Canon C300 Mark II's, and/or RED Epic Dragon, will give your production a truly first-class look, and make your competition look like a bunch of amateurs. Next time you're in the need for the best Las Vegas video production company, look no further than FiveSix Productions, because, we're not just your fwiends, we're also your buddies, guy.

FiveSix Makes It Through Mondays

We here at FiveSix know that everyone occasionally contracts a case of the Mondays. So, in order to combat such things, we like to look at the brighter, more beautiful side of these twenty-four hours. Here we have a wonderful video by some very talented fellas, Keith Kiska and Kyle Rhoderick, who spent four years creating this visual feast. So, tell the boss we said it's okay, and let your spirit come back to life over the next few minutes. If you're really needing a break, grab a coffee and read this interesting article about the process of making the video. Enjoy.

RED Epic Dragon: Epic Camera

The RED Epic Dragon is FiveSix Productions' most powerful and capable camera offering. With the update of the sensor, this camera really delivers on an incredible level. One of the most notable features of the new sensor is its ability to provide amazing detail and incredible native exposure that eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density. The almost unthinkable 16.5+ stops of dynamic range allows your DP to really spread their wings and create visually stunning scenes; even at ISO 2000, the image is clean enough for cinematic or publication presentation. The Epic Dragon is fast! The new sensor enables Full Frame 6K at 75fps, 6K 2:4:1 at 100fps, and below 6K, all the way up to 300fps (300fps is at 2K). This camera isn't just for motion pictures; at 6K Full Frame, you're getting a 19.4 Megapixel image- so, you can take your individual frames, and make amazing stills, or shoot specifically for the single, still image. Beyond these facts and figures, there is a plethora of other upgraded aspects such as improved color, capability of 3D (with appropriate hardware), and more. So, all that said, if you want the best of the best, shoot with us and our RED Epic Dragon.

Fun New Places, Bright Smiling Faces

FiveSix Productions always loves shooting in new, exciting locales... even if we've shot there before, give it some time, and we still get stoked. Recently, we got to fist-pumpin', and hit the night club Hyde at the Bellagio, here in Vegas. With banging tracks, popped bottles, and great views of the Bellagio fountains and lagoon (as well as some beautiful people), we did our camera and audio thing, and got to recording all the decadence. Yes, nothing short of an early appearance by Travis Barker would make this evening better. Till next time, my fellow club-goers... deuces.